Nottingham Building Society kick-starts fundraising campaign

26 Oct 2018
by Neil Skinner

With winter fast approaching, Nottingham Building Society has provided funds to kick-start a campaign to help homeless people sleeping rough off the streets. 

The Nottingham has donated £1,000 to Framework’s annual ‘Off The Streets’ appeal, which funds life-saving interventions for rough sleepers across Nottinghamshire. 

More than 40 people are currently sleeping rough on a typical night in Nottingham alone – in alleyways and doorways, car parks, tents and many more places besides. 

Framework’s annual appeal funds a variety of measures to keep rough sleepers safe over the winter months and beyond, including money for temporary accommodation and an emergency telephone hotline. 

David Marlow, Chief Executive of The Nottingham, explained: “Here at The Nottingham we care deeply about the communities we serve and with ‘putting a roof over people’s heads’ being one of our founding principles, we remain committed to helping people who are homeless. The teams across our branch network and based at our headquarters come face to face with the people affected by this issue on a regular basis. 

“We feel a deep sense of responsibility to do what we can to help which is why we’ve supported Framework for so many years. We trust them to turn our donations into meaningful, life-enhancing support that will make a big difference in the weeks and months ahead.” 

Framework fundraising manager Chris Senior said: “This hugely generous donation has really kick-started our Christmas campaign – a reminder of The Nottingham’s long-term commitment to help homeless people. More importantly, it is a boost for vulnerable homeless men and women who face grave risks to their physical and mental health by sleeping rough over the winter months. Our street outreach team, which works directly with people sleeping rough, will use this money to help it reach out to people in need and support them into the accommodation they need.” 

The Nottingham’s £1,000 donation could pay for around 25 nights of emergency accommodation in bed and breakfast accommodation on the coldest nights of the year. It could also fund the cost of processing around 200 calls to Framework’s rough sleeping telephone hotline – a key tool in locating people who need help and establishing a relationship with them. 

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