Business partnerships

We open the door to all forms of partnerships because they are mutually beneficial.

A partnership with Framework can help meet your Corporate Social Responsibility goals, bring you closer to your community, and increase staff engagement.

We will respect your individual needs by collaborating with you to produce a bespoke calendar of fundraising events and initiatives that best suit your business. 

By supporting Framework you are supporting your local community. We take pride in sharing news of our partners and celebrating their achievements. We empower people to live more independent lives and Framework acknowledges that we cannot and do not do that alone.

If you are supporting Framework, please tag us on social media so we can share your good work!


Here's a few ideas of how you could support our work:·        

  • Office fundraising
  • Challenges – sign up for a challenge and raise sponsorship for your efforts! Don’t forget to check if your organization offers match funding.
  • The Contactless Challenge
  • Payroll Giving: The payroll giving scheme allows regular donations to be made from an employee’s gross income. Whether its pounds or pence it adds up to allow Framework to plan and deliver services in the most effective way.
  • Donate an hour- we have had great success in the past of partners organising a ‘donate an hour campaign’ where individuals can sign up to donating one hours rate of pay- this is not only a great group initiative but it also makes that first hour at work much more philanthropic, as people start the day by making a difference.

Pro Bono support

You can also help Framework in another way by offering pro-bono support. One of the ways our corporate partners have supported us in the past has been through providing training, knowledge or skills in their field of expertise. Examples include: 


To learn more or to get involved contact Partnerships Manager Jess Powell: 0115 970 9558 or

Our partners